231… a journey to lose myself (or at least part of me)

Some time ago I stepped on the scales at the doctor’s office, weighing in at 231 pounds. This was alarming to me, as it was the most I have ever weighed. When I came home I decided it was time to do something about it, but I didn’t. Well, I did, but not enough. I cut down on portions at meal time and I thought I had lost a little, but I wasn’t sure since our bathroom scales had been ruined when one of my children poured a glass of water on them. Ok, fast forward to January 4, 2006. I got out of bed, determined to do something about my ever increasing waist. I went to a local retailer, purchased a new set of scales and some diet DR. Pepper and diet A&W Root Beer to replace the main culprit in my horrible diet. When Trisha and I sat down and figured it out, I was taking in around 1000 empty calories every day between soft drinks and my coffee,,,, which has to be sweetened.

Embarrassed doesn’t even begin to explain how I felt when I realized how poor my diet was. I was mortified, but more than that, I was determined. So, here’s the beginning of my journey to a new, healthier me. I’ll be updating every couple of weeks, if possible, with new photos to show my progress.

I’d love to hear from others who may be doing something similar. Feel free to drop me an email and let me know.

To start with, I’ll post a photo of two of my best friends and myself. These two guys shoot with me from time to time, and one of them is joining me in the goal to lose weight. Can you guess which one?




~ by jb on January 10, 2006.

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