What if there’s bad weather?

You know, every time I speak with a potential client who is having a wedding in the winter I am asked, “what if there’s bad weather?”.

Well, as long as the wedding is going on, I’m going to give my best effort to be there. This past wedding took place in the middle of a little snow, a little sleet and a little ice. The roads were going to be bad, so I left early and stayed the night before the wedding in a hotel room just a few miles from the venue. The next day, I put the Xterra in four wheel drive and slowly made my way to the location, arriving about two hours early. The weather is merely part of the job I do and love. I make arrangements to work around, or maybe with, the weather. Your wedding day is important enough to me that I will be there.

After the wedding I didn’t feel safe driving the 140 miles back home since the majority of my drive would be in the dark, on 140 miles of curvy, rural Ozark Mountain highway. I spent another night in the hotel and the next morning I headed out. Here’s one of many shots I took along the way home.

This photo shows one of the better stretches of highway that I was confident enough to come to a stop to quickly grap a shot of just how the roadways looked. My normal 2.5 hour trip took nearly 6 hours.

I guess I now have my answer the next time I’m asked “what if there’s bad weather?”.




~ by jb on February 22, 2006.

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