Las Vegas 2006

Wow. What a time of learning and visiting. Getting the chance to take classes from some of the world's greatest photographers was priceless, but even more importantly I had the chance to sit around and talk with friends, both old and new.Let's see if we can run through a few pics from my journey…. I didn't get to meet everybody I wanted to, nor did I take photos of all the important-to-me people that I could have. My buddy from San Francisco seems to have eluded my camera completely, even though we spent quite a bit of time walking around.
So, I don't know who these women are, but I still had to take their photo. Guess that's what I get for being too shy. Actually they were laughing and having so much fun that I couldn't help but be drawn to them.

Shadows and light… maybe it's corny, but I still liked it.

I think this one is pretty self evident as to why I had to take it…. No, not the lady,,, the wall.

Random shots coming up ….

Ok, I was a bit hesitant to ask this guy if I could shoot him, as I knew he could rip me apart with those huge arms,,, but I asked anyway. Amazingly nice guy.

Hmmm, just a beer can.

walk,,,, don't walk. Important thing to understand in Vegas. The shuttle drivers are nuts.

Brad, what are you looking for?

This guy thought he could dance. Maybe he could, but it looked a lot more like jumping.

Ah,,, mom getting a kiss. (not my mom, just a mom in general)

My brief walk through the Bellagio resulted in this…. I should have spent more time there.

The lovely Verna…

Brad again… sorry

Self portrait… minus the J

Ok, one of my favorite movies is Dumb & Dumber and when I saw this Orange-shag-carpet-covered cab I couldn't pass it up.

One of my favorite Canadians,,, John Bonner.

Amy & JP prutch… the Blair family of Washington State…

Amy doesn't like to drink… at all.

Amy and the lovely Shawna K.

Melissa and JP…

Steven Mastroianni… doing the great state of Ohio proud.

And…………. the trip home. As much as I like getting to see friends, I LOVE getting to see family. Vegas wears me down. Here's my recovery kit…. Aleve, Sudafed, Diet Pepsi and Ray Bans.

My shoes, ….. bored in Denver for a three hour lay over.

Fall asleep at the airport,,, and you are fair game…..

Ok, now I'm on my way,,, verify my ticket one last time….

Watch the plane pull up to the gate…

And arrival in Fayetteville, Arkansas…. finally. What a sight for tired eyes. Trisha, Amelia and Ian picking me up.

The miss…

The kiss…

Amelia helping me find my luggage…

Why do I have to stop? Because that's what we as humans are supposed to do. These two ladies had the unfortunate luck to have a flat on their vehicle while leaving the airport.

TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was missing the trees. During the ride home from the airport, about 150 miles, I couldn't pass up the shot of the moon coming up over the trees. Did I mention that I was missing the trees?

Thanks to all those who shared their time and knowledge so freely. See you again next year. For those I did not get to hang out with,,, I'm sorry. Let's make it up next time.



~ by jb on April 14, 2006.

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