Nick & Rachel ~ Little Rock, Arkansas

So tonight as I’m preparing to head out in the morning for tomorrow’s wedding I’m going through some of last weeks photos. Normally, I post a couple, but for now I’m only posting one, due to time constraints.

Nick and Rachel had one of the most energetic wedding parties I’ve seen in a long time. The dancing at their reception seemed to go on for ever. I don’t know how some of them were able to keep going. The band, The Hipnecks, were absolutely fabulous. They were one of the reasons the crowd kept partying. The energy level was crazy. Plus, the night was made even better when Nick took the mic and sang to his new wife. That was beyond cool.

Anyway, just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Nick, Rachel and all of their friends & family for making me feel like one of the group. I can’t wait to finish up your gallery so you can see the hundreds of resulting photos. Hopefully this one will do for now. In a few days I’ll post at least on more here for you to see.


ok, couldn’t leave it. I had to add one of Nick at the microphone along with one of the band members.


~ by jb on October 20, 2006.

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