It’s a busy time

I’ve been at the computer a lot lately. When not on the computer, editing wedding photos, I’ve been on the road to shoot. October and November are becoming the new June. I’m amazed every year how busy the Autumn is….. and I’m not sure why I continue to be amazed, as it happens every year.

So, I thought I’d post a few thoughts about the next few weeks coming up.

Every year after the holiday season I receive a ton of phone calls from couples who are looking for a photographer. Some times these are couples that I have spoken with previously and some are new contacts. It never fails that somebody will call back to reserve their date, only to find out that it has already been reserved by another couple. So, I’d like to urge those who are considering reserving their wedding date to not wait until the January rush. After the holiday season there are a lot of newly engaged couples who are looking as well. It really breaks my heart when I’ve spent time getting to know a bride and groom and then find out that they were not able to get their date reserved with me. I do, however, try my hardest to assist them in finding another photographer who can meet their needs as well.

Now that October is about to come to an end I’m looking back over this past year and the couples who have shared their wedding day with me. It’s been an incredible year. I’ve been fortunate enough to recently have two bridesmaids from this year’s weddings, book their date with me. That makes me feel great. To know that they were comfortable enough with me and were loved my work enough to want to use me for their wedding.

Anyway, have a great Autumn and get busy planning your weddings.



~ by jb on October 25, 2006.

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