Flying Solo…. Erin

Last night my daughter, Erin, had her first performance as a soloist at her school’s musical program. When she was just an infant, Erin would make noises (pre-talking) in tune and timing to the songs she would hear. We knew she had a natural talent, but we just didn’t realize how much.

So last night she stepped up to the microphone, and waited. She waited patiently for the music to begin and I thought my heart would absolutely beat out of my chest as I stood there, camera in hand, waiting for her to start. I knew she could do it, but man was I nervous for her. Through my “parent’s brain” was running all kinds of fears and anticipation. Then,,,, she started to sing. She did so great. I know that as a father I am probably a little biased, but it was beautiful. Her natural range is unbelievable. Hitting her notes as she was supposed to, she made it through her song, The First Noel.

It was really cool to watch my own child take the spotlight as all the other children took a seat on the stage and sat in darkness while she sang. Then, as at the end of the program each row of children made their way to the front of the stage and took a bow. Watching Erin, on the back row, make her way to the front of the stage, she stood right in the center, took her bow and she was done. …… and I’m still reliving it.

Not wanting to miss hearing her, I only shot a few frames so that I could really pay attention. Here’s three quick shots.


waiting for her cue

and singing…..

and the happiness of finishing.

~ by jb on November 17, 2006.

One Response to “Flying Solo…. Erin”

  1. John, very nice….. and your pics are not bad either….you must be really, really proud!!

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