Rob & Molly ~ Little Rock, Arkansas

It felt like I had gone to a family reunion this last Saturday.  First off, Rob and Molly could not have been more inviting or welcoming.  From the moment I arrived Molly was a bundle of energy, singing with her bridesmaids as she got ready for the day and didn’t lose that energy at all.  By the end of the evening, nine hours after I’d arrived she and Rob (along with all the wedding party) were still going strong at the reception, dancing and laughing.

The reunion part for me was really special.  The mother of a bride whose wedding I shot back in March was present, as was the mother and father of a recent groom.  To top it off, one of the bridesmaids is the daughter of my daughter’s music teacher.  So, it was a thrill to see so many people, from different locations together at one place who I have contacts with.

Ok, back to Rob and Molly.  Here’s a few pictures to peek in on their day.  I just couldn’t leave for the holiday and not get a couple of shots up for them.



~ by jb on November 21, 2006.

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