Hug a Vet today.

Today, as we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, take a moment and thank those around you who have served in any branch of the service during peace time or a time of war.

my flag that flies every day over my yard. (thanks dad)

A few years back while working as a paramedic, I had the honor of transporting a gentleman to the V. A. Hospital in Little Rock, AR. During our three hours together in the back of the ambulance I sat and listened to him tell the stories of meeting the Russians at the Rhine River. His detailed description of the condition the Russian troops were in left me speechless. I was blessed with many more stories from this guy during our trip. I didn’t have much to say, just sat and listened. When we arrived at our destination all I had left to say to him was “thanks”. I thanked him, both for his sharing his stories and for his willingness to do what he had to do during the war. I felt a bit ashamed that “thanks” was all I could really come up with.

So, today, look up that neighbor of yours…. WWII, Korea, Vietnam,,,,,, and on and on and on… regardless of where they fought or if they stood on guard waiting to be called to duty, and thank them. AND.. if you know them well enough, give them a hug.




~ by jb on December 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “Hug a Vet today.”

  1. thanks for remembering, we have many in our family that have served our country. we owe a lot to dad, he has taught us so much.

  2. My son, John, Your mother and I served. Your mother kept the home front going and I thank her and all the other mothers who had husbands, sons, and daughters serving for our freedom. Thank you for remembering. Love Dad

  3. Dad, you are right. Mom,, just as every spouse and family member, is serving right along with those who are on duty.


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