Nick & Laura Lee ~ Covington, TN

12-18-06 UPDATE: Ok, it’s been quite a week. Two kids with the flu… so I’m a day or two behind where I thought I’d be. The good news is….. by Wednesday you will have hundreds of photos in the completed gallery to view. Thanks for hanging in there with me.


I always enjoy visiting Tennessee…. and this time was no different. We were greeted by some of the most incredibly warm families we’ve had the pleasure of working with. There’s a lot to the story of Nick and Laura Lee, but I’ll let you read that here… their story.

Laura Lee knew what she wanted for her wedding day, and she was able to do it. This wedding was simply beautiful. From the ballerinas that entered the sanctuary perfoming a beautiful dance down the aisle to the ice sculpture at the reception, this was a wedding to be seen. I guess the only thing I witnessed that night that was more amazing than the wedding itself, was the obvious love between Nick and Laura Lee. These two were certainly meant to be together.

Then,,,, there were the groom’s brothers. Full of energy and life, which added to the short photo session we had of all the boys prior to the ceremony.

Listening to Nick sing to Laura Lee was moving to say the least.



~ by jb on December 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Nick & Laura Lee ~ Covington, TN”

  1. Hi! Mark here (Nick’s dad). Wow, thanks for the pics and the kind words. We are looking forward to seeing the actual photos! It was a pleasure to work with the two of you–lots of fun!

  2. Hi Mark.

    You guys were wonderful to work with. Hang in there and you’ll have hundreds of photos to look at in two days.


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