Dear Santa,,,,,,,

Every year our family has two traditions that we look forward to. One, which we’ve been doing since Trisha and I were first married…. each year we put a new Santa ornament on our Christmas tree with the year it was bought written somewhere on it. This year we added our sixteenth Santa. I’m looking forward to number 50.

Then, there’s our Santa Letter. We know that the USPS does a great job, but we opt for Santa magic. Our children write their letter to Santa and it is sent to the North Pole, via Santa magic and air currents. The letter is placed in a plastic bag and attached to a huge group of helium filled balloons. I love watching my youngest kids’ faces as they watch their letter disappear into the sky. Even better, our older kids still take part in it and do not ruin the time for the little ones.

Now, to make it even better. Last year the Carters….. John, Julie, JC, Jake and Jaden joined us for this Santa Lettter tradition. They are back this year as well. John, as some of you will know, is my associate photographer who has been at several weddings with me. It’s wonderful to have him not only as a work associate, but more importantly as a friend. With his family joining us in doing little things like this, it makes them truly feel like family.

Anyway, here are a few pics of today’s release of the balloons. I hope the kids get what they asked for…. and I hope they asked for things that Santa can afford.


(btw, these photos aren’t edited or touched up… as I’m off to spend time with friends and family.)

The Blair kids.

The Carter kids.

~ by jb on December 9, 2006.

4 Responses to “Dear Santa,,,,,,,”

  1. These are great traditions. They will probably be carried on with your grand children! I think it’s wonderful that you and your friends have these traditions and can share them.

  2. Hi Mom,

    Just wish you guys could have been here to share in it as well.

    Merry Christmas.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends. I also wish we could have been there to share in the fun and joy.

    Love, MOM

  4. do you remember your snowman that sheryl and i built with you when you were about 13? LOL!!! Every year i could con you into telling me what i was getting, then one year you took a pic of me crawling under moms bed…. i hope ypur kids have some memories like these also, they are the greatest. also do you remember how much those “dang” presents worried you????

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