Merry Christmas from the Blair family.

Well, as you can see from the photo in the post below this one, I am not a master carpenter when it comes to gingerbread houses. Luckily, my two daughters are a bit better at it.

Trisha and I want to take a moment tonight to thank all those who have welcomed us into their families for brief periods over this past year. Your warmth and generosity has been amazing. My clients are why I love what I do. I hope as each and every Christmas comes around in years to come, you will look back at your photos and remember your day fondly. And,,,, I must admit, part of me hopes you’ll remember that strange guy who showed up with the cameras. I know I won’t forget any of you.

Now, here’s a few photos to finish out the night. Santa is on his way, so I need to get into bed soon. Along with the repaired gingerbread house, I’ve also included photos of the cookies and milk that is out for Santa, and the carrots that have been left for the reindeer. There are nine of them,,, one for each reindeer. The last photo is my favorite though. Maybe not the photo itself, but the content. It’s the house our third child made in school. I absolutely love.

Good night and have a wonderful Christmas.



~ by jb on December 24, 2006.

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