Here we are…..

Just to update what Trisha and I look like for friends and family….. and our clients who may be wondering….

I’m the one on the bottom.

Ok, I’m not that scarey looking. Here’s a less scarey set of shots.  This is Ian… the one that many of you have heard running crazy around my office when I’m on the phone.  He’s part of the package when you call my office though, so get ready to hear him.  He’s my little buddy and we spend a lot of time together.



~ by jb on December 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Here we are…..”

  1. Wow these are cute pics!!! But I really thought that Trisha had dark hair but Louie says no she has strawberry blond…but in any case I really like her hair color!!! Oh and by the way you look pretty cute too!!!

  2. kevin spacey, im tellin ya kevin spacey. with a touch of randy blair. john, you favor them too!!!!! LOL!! love ya tamhroid

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