A special Happy New Year message…

Tonight I had the great pleasure of photographing a wedding in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   The bride, Erin, and the groom, Ian were an incredible couple and I can’t wait to get some of their photos up on here.  However, for now I have something special to post. 

Ian’s brother, Scott is serving in Iraq and was not able to attend the wedding.  I met Scott’s wife and children and I have a special photo to post for them. 

So, to Major Scott Jeffress Happy New Year from your family!!!

Barb, Hannah, Colin and Julia wish their husband and daddy a happy New Year.

To all my other clients… thank you for making this past year so wonderful.



~ by jb on January 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “A special Happy New Year message…”

  1. Thanks John! He was able to get online and see it. It was really sweet of you to go to that extra effort for us. I look forward to seeing more photos from the wedding!

  2. John, thanks very much for the wonderful photos you took at our son Ian and Erin’s wedding New Year’s eve. Your friendship, professionalism, extra effort and your keen eye for capturing that “special photo moment” will provide Ian and Erin and our families and friends many beautiful photos with which to remember their wonderful wedding. We especially thank you for taking and quickly posting the “New Years Greeting” from Barb and the kids to our son, Major Scott Jeffress, whose duties in Iraq prevented him from attending and being a “best man” along with his brother Chris. We look forward to seeing the rest of the photos, and we thank you again and wish you a very successful and Happy New year.

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