Do you love coffee as much as I do?

Ok, I try so very hard to keep any of my own political beliefs out of my business and for that matter, out of my friendships.  So, this isn’t as much political as it is merely a human interest issue.

I drink WAY TOO MUCH coffe, but I have to have something to keep my awake as I spend a lot of strange hours working on photos after my kids have gone to bed.  The only good thing about this,,,,, is that Trisha drinks as much of it as I do.  Now, thanks to a free preview of National Geographic on DISH Network I have a guilty feeling about my can of Folger’s Coffee in the kitchen.  Trisha and I stayed up way too late the other night watching a show about coffee farmers in Columbia and Costa Rica and their struggle with making a living when their product is sold to the largest coffee companies.  Turns out that the farmers can double their weekly income when they adhere to Fair Trade standards for coffee beans.  They also grow their product in a manner that is less damaging to the enviroment, by allowing their beans to be grown under the shade of the surrounding forests.  Their coffee beans are pesticide free and picked by hand to ensure the best qualities.  It’s these things that earn the Fair Trade Seal.

A couple of my favorite places to buy online….

Thanksgiving Coffee

Grounds for  Change

So, without regard to anybody’s political stance, would you consider looking for the Fair Trade Seal next time you buy coffee?  Earlier I wrote that these practices allow the farmers to double their income.  The sad part of that is they are still making less in a week than most people would spend on one night out for dinner. 

Ok,,,, now,,, go brew your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy.



~ by jb on January 7, 2007.

One Response to “Do you love coffee as much as I do?”

  1. hey there JB…

    Fair Trade coffee is A Good Thing. Down here where I am (in Turks & Caicos) we have a big problem with illegal immigrants from Haiti fleeing poverty in their homeland. Anything that helps people make a reasonable (okay, even basic) living is worth supporting. Brownie points to you for giving this a mention.

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