2 Blairs for the price of 1

Get ready to see a lot more of my wife, Trisha. After a long and fulfilling career of owning and operating her own childcare business, Trisha is now joining me full time in the photography business. This is exciting as it’s going to offer my clients a more thorough coverage of their wedding day events. I’m really pumped to have her joining me.

Now, here’s the cool part. As of February 1, 2007 we’ll be posting our new pricing structure, but through the rest of January all bookings will be receiving two Blairs for the price of one. Basically, when you book in January you’ll be getting two photographer coverage at my current one photographer price, but when February gets here that special is over and new pricing will be in effect.  One thing to remember though, if traveling is required, including air travel, extra charges for the travel of a second photographer may be added, but for the vast majority of my clients, there will be no extra charge due to the proximity of the ceremony.

Trisha has a passion for art and painting and has studied different masters of painting for years. From this, she brings an eye for lighting and posing that will strongly compliment my style. She’s fun and energetic. Most of all, she helps complete the details of the day. Making sure that while I’m shooting one part there aren’t other things that are being missed.

Trisha has attended several weddings with me in the past and I’m positive those clients can attest to her easy going nature and what a delight it was to have her there.





~ by jb on January 9, 2007.

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