Red Heelaboxers,, Roxers,, Box-o-Heels????

So, we don’t know what to call them, but you know you need one…. or four. Two days ago, Mabel, our white boxer gave birth to a beautiful litter of 8 puppies. Eight loving puppies that need loving homes… or will in a few weeks. They’re half Queensland Heeler (red heeler) and half boxer. What more could you want in a puppy?

Anyway, I’ve been a little lazy in putting them up on the web, but today, Whitney, one of my recent brides called us up and told me to get busy. So, Whitney, here’s your requested photos. Now, I know the photos are a little cold and static, but with two day old puppies and one nervous mom sitting next to me, I didn’t want to take too long and try to be too artistic with these. I promise something better when they get a little older, hopefully this will suffice for now.

When the puppies all came out white, we began to wonder if the heeler was actually the sire. We found several sites on the internet about red and blue heelers. Turns out their puppies are white when born and begin to change colors when they are about two weeks old. So, we’ll be having some odd changes coming up within the next little while.

By the way,,, in case anybody wants to know. No, we did not intend to have this mix of puppies. One of our children injured a foot while in the fenced in area of the yard and left the gate open as she ran to the house. Mabel got out and decided to visit our neighbor’s heeler, Red Dog. So, while the breed mix is not intentional,,, I’m sure they’re going to be wonderful dogs. Combining the energy and playfulness of both breeds should make a great pet…. I hope.

Here they are. My kids have named them……. so there are two things to consider….

1. the names are a bit odd,,, or very obvious

2. the names are subject to change at the discretion of a six and three year old

Six boys… two girls…


Columbus (he searched and searched for a place to nurse)

Sally (girl)


Mr. Herbert Washington


Ian (Ian named him)

Spot (girl)

And, then there’s Hazel. She’s just confused about all that is going on. Mabel has been her best friend for the last year and a half, but over the past couple of weeks, she’d have nothing to do with her and it seems to be breaking Hazel’s heart. She’s a bit blue.

So, Whitney, thanks for the call and I hope these will work for now.



~ by jb on January 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Red Heelaboxers,, Roxers,, Box-o-Heels????”

  1. AWWW I love the puppies they look so sweet! Hope all is well at the Blair house. Don’t be a stranger havent seen ya in a while.

  2. Well I have a 12-week-old 1/2 boxer 1/2 Red Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) if you want to see what you can look forward to in the months to come(be AFRAID, be very AFRAID :)) Mine was rescued from a ditch where someone had thrown him & his sisters and taken to a vet’s to adopt out. His sisters were all blue. There is another litter of Cattleboxers, as we call them, in Nevada at a rescue person’s house–in this case the MOM was the heeler…I can send you pics of those too. Enjoy the babies!

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