My new TOOL!!!

So everybody knows that I love my job. I truly do, but I realize that spending so much time involved with flowers, dresses, shoes and such tends to take it’s toll on any guy. I find myself looking at shoes, not men’s shoes, WOMEN’s shoes, and thinking, “those are so cute”. I was truly afraid that my “man card” would be pulled and I’d no longer be able to claim that I was a male.

Then, yesterday came and my old cordless drill just gave up. It could go no longer. So, off to the hardware store I went. And 18 volts later,,, I’m in business.

Hitachi 18V Cordless Drill.

560 IN-LBS of Torque (I’m not sure what that means,,, but I like it)

Two 2.oAh Ni-Cd batteries

Multi-Stage Clutch

1/2″ Keyless Chuck with Ratcheting Lock Mechanism (again,,, dunno what ALL of that means, just part of it, but I like it)

Belt Hook with LED Light

Quick Change Bit Adapter

(insert Tim Allen grunting noise here)

Now, even though I am the proud owner of a new power tool, I’m sure I’ll still look at really cool shoes, and know they’re hot.


~ by jb on January 25, 2007.

One Response to “My new TOOL!!!”

  1. Love it!!! I was laughing so hard!!!!

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