Nic & Kati in Little Rock

Today was cold. Not just cold, but cold and windy. That didn’t matter though when it came to getting great photograhps of Nic and Kati. We met at the Little Rock River Market and spent about an hour freezing, but both Nic and Kati were wiling to hang in there and get it done. After we left the River Market we took a trip out to Pinacle Mountain State Park,,, where it was even windier. These two seriously amazed me. I had it easy, I didn’t have to worry about the wind making my eyes water, but both Nic and Kati made the best of it and I can’t wait to show them all of their photos.

Here are three shots from today. Man, what a great looking couple and watching them interact with one another was so much fun.

Now all three of these are basically from the same place, but I promise, there are other locations in their photos.


Ok, so I had to come back and add one more. For some reason, this just seemed so funny to me. Every once in a while during a photo session you get a person who just wants to observe. Today, we had the bicycle guy. He just sat there on his bike, watching. Never got any closer, never said anything, just quietly observed from a distance. I thought he added a good element to the background.


Ok, just three more…. simply because I like these shots………

Thanks guys, I had an incredible time with you two. Looking forward to the wedding.


~ by jb on January 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “Nic & Kati in Little Rock”

  1. The pictures are wonderful. Of course, I’m the mother of the groom and very partial. I’m so proud of my son and soon to be new daughter-in-law. I think they look so very, very perfect together.

  2. These pictures are fabulous!! I love them! Kati you look so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the rest. Nic you look pretty too!

  3. just like out of a magazine! these are soo good!

  4. What great pictures. These are just what Kati and Nic wanted. I’m so glad you were availabe for their wedding. I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback. Nic and Kati were both so much fun to work with and I’m REALLY looking forward to their wedding.

    All the kind words written here are so appreciated.

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