Life’s Disappointments???

I normally try to live life in a very happy manner…. but today I saw something that reminded me that we all face disappointments from time to time.  So, in the interest of making our disappointments less meaningful, I decided to have fun with them.

Here’s one of those little things that really just bums me out.

Email me pics of your disappointments and I’ll update this post with them.  Let’s see what insignificant things bother you guys.



~ by jb on February 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Life’s Disappointments???”

  1. someone moving my car seat when i get it just right, also messing with the mirrors, people tracking mud in my house, and not enough closet space. trying to let my hair grow, this is a real problem, no patience at all.

  2. Eww! Ewww! How about when you get the juice out of the fridge and theres like 2 Teaspoons left its just enough to make me mad!! GRRR! Little brothers suck!

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