Conner: growing up

Well, it has finally happened.  Conner has his first tuxedo.  We signed Conner up for etiquette class and tonight he has his formal dance.  I realized as I saw him in his tux that this was the first of a few known instances where he’d be dressed in a tux.

Now for this class.

Later for junior and senior prom.

Then, his wedding.

This realization drove home, for Trisha and myself, the emotions that the parents of all our clients must go through.  It’s going to happen for us all too soon.

Ok, that’s enough sad stuff.  I just thought he looked very handsome  and wanted to embarrass him by posting his photo on here.



~ by jb on February 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Conner: growing up”

  1. is he married yet? if not, i know someone…… he looks mahvahlus, simply mahvahlus! Blairs the name, marryings my game. Blair James Blair 007 shaken not stirred

  2. Oh my gosh, what a handsome guy!! I LOVE his hair, makes me wonder what my little man will look like at this age! 🙂


  3. so awesome! love the hair. does he look like his momma?

    maybe some of what he learns in class will rub off on you jb 😉

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