The Dance.

We went to pick Conner up…. and this is what we found.

To see more, visit their gallery…… The Dance.



~ by jb on February 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Dance.”

  1. WOW !!! What a great time, not only for our children but for the parents as well. You took some some great photos, thanks. It looks like all the boys “cleaned up” VERY well considering what they look like when they go to school. I don’t think I am ready for the next tuxedo event…..JR PROM…….but Dalton will be going in April……I don’t feel this old!!!

  2. Cute gallery Jake!!! Some of these photos strike interest. The first being of some irony…that this was formal dance for an etiquette class and those two boys were being boys throwing up thier signs…too cute…then that in so many of the pics Conner’s date always seemed to be looking in the other direction..this may be bc you tried to catch her that way, but such a cute gallery!!! Loved it!!! You are such a fun guy!!!

  3. I love the photos of the DANCE! Conner looks very handsome. The Gallery has many, many great photos. Amazing how much Conner looks like his mother!!! When he was a wee lad, he looked just like you,Jake!!!! Love, Mom

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