Steven, Senior 07

I photographed Steven’s sister a couple years ago for her senior session and, this afternoon, I photographed Steven himself. I’ve know their family for several years now and feel honored to have done the senior portraits for both of their kids. I met their family when I was working as a paramedic, stationed at an ambulance base in Yellville, Arkansas. Their family is simply a fun bunch to be around.

Anyway, here’s three of my first random grabs from Steven’s session.

jb (see we do more than weddings)

Now, here’s one of his sister, Kala, from her session a couple of years ago.


~ by jb on March 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Steven, Senior 07”

  1. So I never had any of my pics posted!!! Hehe!!!! But wow once again you have amazed me…these are sooo cool!!! It really does look like a burning building in the background!!! Thanks so much Jake!!!

  2. steven.. you’re such a cutie.. i love the second one!!

  3. Wow Jake you did an amazing job taking the pictures. I loved taking them with you and it was a fun environment. Can’t wait to see the rest and do the rest of my Sr. pics. So i heard that your doing another Sr. from Yellville. She is excited and LOVES your pictures she thinks your amazing to. thanks Jake. bye~!!

  4. Hey WOW again i am amazed at how awesome the picutres are. Im glad i had you take them you made it so fun and friendly. I cant wait to tell every one about them and really cant wait till tuesday to take the outdoor ones. Thanks A TON!!

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