Random Shots

I woke up this morning and simply decided I just wanted to put up some random shots from the past. Shots that I used to absolutely love, but due to time have kind of forgotten about. When you take thousands and thousands of photos and continually find new ones that you like, there is a tendency to forget about the ones that were previously held so high.

Anyway, here are five shots from the past that I just happened to think of today.



~ by jb on March 6, 2007.

One Response to “Random Shots”

  1. Hello John,

    It’s Jennifer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. How have you been? I was looking at your site because my friend is getting married in Rhode Island this December, and I started getting nostalgic about my own “Big Day”. I am so excited that you have the pictures from my wedding on your site. I was just showing her your work, her comment, “he’s truly an artist”.
    John and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary this past December- boy how time has gone by. We are a great team and this marriage thing fits us!
    Anyway, I wanted to write you and tell you once again from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for capturing such amazing photos of our wedding day. After 2 years some of the details start to fade in our minds, but with our beautiful pictures we can relive each moment just by looking at our pictures. That is a gift that we will treasure for a lifetime!

    Jennifer & John

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