Ian’s first day

Trisha previously ran a home based day care and this provided our children constant companionship with kids of similar ages. Now that she no longer has the day care, Ian is at home with mom and dad, all week while his brother and sisters are in school. Needless to say, a three year old gets a little bored when mom and dad are working and cannot play with him. (which if you look through the blog, you’ll see that we play a lot)

So, today Ian starts his first day in school. Ok, it’s actually a Mommy’s Day Out program, but for him it’s school. He gets to take his lunch, take a nap and leave with the big kids in the morning. It’s just one day a week, but he’s looking forward to it. So much so, that he took a bath yesterday just to get ready for today. Of course, he got really dirty again and had to take another one, but he made it off to school this morning.

I have to admit, Trisha and I were looking forward to having the house just to ourselves today. I’ve got a lot of work to do, a portrait client coming by and a wedding to finish editing. Our plans failed….. we’ve got two of our children home sick today. There’s always next week.




~ by jb on April 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ian’s first day”

  1. Ah shucks. I remember this day very well. My 4 yr old started Pre-k, and it’s so sweet how excited they get. Hoping that it doesn’t wear off anytime soon LOL.

  2. AHHHHH!! How cute and sad. I remember my kids first day of kindergarten. Maybe this will make the transition better.

  3. Way to go Ian – draw a picture of the new puppy and impress the teachers with your Blair wit!

  4. So sweet…you guys have such precious little ones. Ian looks so happy.

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