I’m the luckiest guy…

So have I ever said that I love my job? Well I do. I love getting to reunite with past clients all the time. More and more I get to see past clients at weddings…. and I really love it. Last month I was able to meet back up with a couple from two years ago, Josh and Karla. I’m posting a few shots from their engagement session and one of me getting a hug from Karla. These are the real reasons I love my job.




~ by jb on April 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’m the luckiest guy…”

  1. JB, you look like Lex Luthor in that shot of you and Karla. Ha ha thats funny. But those pictures are really great! I love the one with them walking away. The background and lighting are perfect! Great job…..yet again!

  2. John…that pic of you & me is great! I just wanted to say how great you were at Russell & Erin’s wedding. The pictures are so wonderful…every one of them. Not only are you a great photographer, you keep everyone laughing AND you’re great at telling us if our make-up and hair is ok! Ha ha! You’re an all around package. 🙂 It was so good to see you again…Hope all is going well! -Karla

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