Pen Boy,, to the rescue

So, what do you get when a three year old is bored,,,, and finds a pen?

THIS!  Ian is SOOO much fun some times.



~ by jb on April 11, 2007.

6 Responses to “Pen Boy,, to the rescue”

  1. Priceless!!!!!
    Where are his sidekicks – Marker Man and Kid Chalk?

  2. And here I was just looking for that pen…oooops. Sorry jb!

  3. I can see he’s on his way of being a great artist, just like his dad. That’s good stuff my friend.


  5. This is a verrrrry familiar site at my house too!!

  6. LOL….! My son did something similar to this when he was the same age. Green magic marker. And his love of dogs led to him meticulously coloring big green circles all over his body. He was so proud of himself when he came running out to me naked and announced “Look mommy, I’m a dalmation!” He’s 14 now but I still crack up over it.

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