I should have just peed on her leg.

A long,,, long time ago when I was much  younger and MUCH less secure, I gave my girlfriend (at that point we weren’t married)  a present.  A key chain that says, “I “heart” John”.  Well, I should have just walked up, peed on her leg and claimed her as mine…. after all I don’t believe we were yet married when I gave her this “gift” and it was probably more about others knowing she loved some guy named John.

Man,,, I am so glad those days are past.  …. but one of the kids found it a few days ago and it has been floating around the house and today, I thought I should share just where I was at one point.

So,,, for those who didn’t know…. this is the lamest gift one can ever be given…. and the lovely quality with which it was made…. ugh.

Ok,,, now I’m going to go hide.




~ by jb on April 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “I should have just peed on her leg.”

  1. Thanks John, you gave me a smile for the day. Cute story.

  2. That is hilarious! I had a friend that had one of those made that said heather heart aaron They dated forever, and when he dumbed her, she sawed his name off! At least your name is still intact!

  3. I thought that was my keychain… Oh well….

    jc (aka John)

  4. That’s not the worst thing. When I was younger, my boyfriend sewed me a heart pillow. Of course, I didn’t marry that guy, but still. That’s pretty lame!

  5. John-

    That is awesome! I remember those days…good thing we grow older and wiser. Bad thing is, stuff we did in our youth always keeps coming back to haunt…


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