Attack of the Flamingos

We were warned. We didn’t take the warning seriously. We were wrong to not pay attention to the warnings. Sure enough, our home was attacked by pink flamingos. Here’s the proof.

It’s actually a pretty cool thing.  One of the local girls is trying to raise money for a trip to western Europe… and this is at least a pretty cool way to do it.

Now you know. Beware,,, as they may be coming to your yard… (John Carter)


~ by jb on April 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Attack of the Flamingos”

  1. Seriously? Let me see if I have this right… this girl went around putting plastic flamingos in everyone’s yard, and you are supposed to pay to get rid of it? Then, if you don’t pay enough then it may come back? What is the world coming to?

  2. actually, it was a pretty harmless thing, small town, most of the victims know who the girl is and are happy to help her with her trip.

  3. I thank you for sending the birds to the Carter yard, I too shall pass them on. It is a good thing that she is raising money for, and I have known the family for some time now. Who shall find the birds next… we shall see…


  4. How cute of you two to play along…good to see this idea used up here…it was big fundraising thing with sororities in Fayetteville…jc have you passed it on yet??

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