Andy & Bri, Eureka Springs, AR

Bri and Andy were two of the coolest people I’ve ever met…… I mean Andy pulled off the white tuxedo jacket with pure style…. and Bri’s smile simply killed me from the minute I first met her in the spa at th Crescent Hotel. Now, while Bri greeted me with this killer smile, Andy showed me a more serious side. He sat in his room, seeming to really take in the importance of what he was about to do. Both meetings were so beautiful in their own way.

I’ve spent just a few minutes today going through their photos and have pulled out eight quick selections.  There are so many of their outdoor ceremony that I love, but I’m only going to show a couple of those in order to pull out some of my other favorites.

Now, with all the weddings I’ve been to as a photographer, I’ve seen a lot of toasts… and this wedding had possibly the best two toasts I’ve witnessed in a long time. Just the pure joy and laughter that accompanied it made it so worth listening to.

Oh,,, and Andy’s mom… she’s a peach. She knew I was going to have a LONG day ahead of me, so shortly after arriving at the hotel, she hooked me up with an awesome lunch,,, and it was much appreciated.


~ by jb on April 23, 2007.

One Response to “Andy & Bri, Eureka Springs, AR”

  1. John – You’ve left us breathless with the beauty you captured in our childrens’ wedding. I had tears streaming down my cheek as I viewed these pictures. You are truly an amazing photographer with a wonderful insight for getting to know and understand your clients. We can’t wait to see the rest of your collection. It was an absolutely wonderful day and your presence only added to it. Thanks so much for sharing our special day and for your amazing pictures.

    Edie Derousseau (Andy’s peach of a mom!)

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