Blair & Kristin ~ continued

I told you there would be a lot more to post… and there is. It was hard for us to select a the right amount for the blog… so we went a bit over board. I guess that’s what happens when both of us are shooting…. and the editing is going to kill me.

So, here they are….

Thanks for allowing us to be part of your day…  it was a blast.

jb and Trisha 


~ by jb on May 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Blair & Kristin ~ continued”

  1. John~
    Their pictures turned out fabulous, as I knew they would. Seeing their pictures made me look at my own again and realize how amazingly fast that two years has flown by since my own wedding. How easily i have forgotten the feelings and moments of that day, but when I look at my photos, they do exactly what I wanted them to do. You caught every moment and feeling and memory that so easily can be forgotten, and captured it so I can look at my photos and never forget how I felt that day. I know in two years, Kristin and Blair will feel the same way. It was great seeing you and meeting your wife, and you never know when steven and I will need more moments caught 😉
    ~Brittainy Silvey

  2. Everytime I look through your blog I stop on this wedding. It looks so beautiful, unique and elegant. I love that they were married in front of the church, simply wonderful idea!

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