and Summer has started

Last night, Trisha and I should have been nominated for parents of the year. We fed three out of four of our kids such a healthy dinner…. which consisted of fire roasted hot dogs, chips, and s’mores. It was worth it. We were sticky, smelled like smoke and none the healthier for it,,,,, but watching our kids have fun really did make it alright. Now, we only had three of them here since Erin, our oldest daughter, was at a friend’s house for the evening. She was not happy when I went to pick her up and she found out that she had missed the s’mores.

Anyway,,, here’s the fun,,,,,, and as you can see, my kids seem to enjoy realllllly burning their marshmallows.



~ by jb on May 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “and Summer has started”

  1. Definitely looks and sounds good. FYI burnt marshmallows are THE ONLY way to go! Your kids have great taste.

  2. Burned marshmellows rule! Fun times for the Blairs!

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