Jeremy & Amy, Mt. Ida, Arkansas

This past weekend I stumbled into a part on the banks of Lake Ouachita outside of Mt. Ida and a wedding just happened to take place. At least that is how it felt. Jeremy and Amy’s wedding was as relaxed and fun as I could have ever imagined it would be. These two spend as much time as possible on the water, and as such, it was only fitting that they were wed as close to the lake as possible.

Then entire day was filled with laughter, love and friendship.  Every person there felt like one of the gang.  Both families and all the friends who attended was a wonderful addition to Amy’s and Jeremy’s celebration.

Amy’s dad and I spoke about how these two seem to fit perfectly with one another…. and they simply do. Watching them interact, you would believe that they have been married for years, already knowing what the other will do, and being there to compliment the actions of the other. It was really humbling to be there as a witness to their marriage, and I hope they know how honored I am that they allowed me to be part of their wedding day.

Here is a random sampling of photos from the day. I’m sure there will be so many more that I’ll wish I had put up here.



~ by jb on May 22, 2007.

One Response to “Jeremy & Amy, Mt. Ida, Arkansas”

  1. First I see this beautiful bride. I love that she styled her hair down and man that dress is lovely, but ok girls I know I’m not the only one noticing those abs on her groom. Can I just say yummy and while her taste is obviously good in style it is also good in men!

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