Isabella & Savannah

John and Kristy came by yesterday with Isabella and Savannah to have some baby pictures taken. I’m not sure the girls were as happy about his idea as mom and dad were. Actually, we had a blast. It’s been a while since little baby toes have been found in our house, so it was kind of cool. Then, add in the fact that John is a huge Star Wars geek,,, like I am,, and we were set for some fun conversation. Trisha and Kristy, on the other hand, thought that John and I were a couple of dorks…. but they still love us.

Anyway, here’s a few samples from their shoot.


The first one wasn’t really from the portrait session… just a moment caught while Kristy was getting the girls ready.


~ by jb on May 25, 2007.

One Response to “Isabella & Savannah”

  1. Kristy just said ,”Don’t be a big dork and leave a nice comment.” Jeeze I was going to too. Anyways, you have outdone yourself as usual. Thank you so much for the awesome time. It felt like old home week at the Stanton household. I swear we could be brothers.
    The pictures were/are amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest. Kristy said,”It was very nice to meet your better half.”

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