a black bear and the kids

Two nights ago, our neighbor, Doug, came up to the door to tell us he had a black bear in his yard. Doug is a wildlife officer for the Arkansas Game and Fish Department and had the bear at his place for a few minutes during its transport to the national forest. Apparently the little guy had been eating out of a bird feeder in somebody’s back yard, when Doug and his partner tranquilized the bear and tagged it, along with weighing and measuring it as well.

So we quickly walked down the road to show our kids the bear. I know the first photo here looks really sad, but the bear is only sleeping. Soon after this photo was taken the drug began to wear off a bit and he started moving his tongue around. So he wasn’t hurt at all, just taking a little nap.

Anyway, here are just a couple shots from our visit to see the bear.

Seriously, the bear is ONLY SLEEPING.

The bear is approximately two years old, so he wasn’t too big, but will apparently get A LOT bigger. You’ve just got to love living so close to nature and having the opportunity to share it with your kids. Previously, Doug had a white tail deer at his place and rumor has it…. a red tailed hawk may soon be coming by. Most of all, Trisha and I appreciate Doug’s willingness to let our family experience some of the close up interactions with the animals that we have.



~ by jb on June 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “a black bear and the kids”

  1. Hmmmm, the bear kinda looks like my husband when he sleeps!
    Kind of!

    That was a fun story and I’m always glad to see images of Blair kiddos!

    xo to all!

  2. hey booboo looks like this one might not be “smarter than the average BLAIR” LOL great pics priceless

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