Joe & Tricia – Eureka Springs, AR

Every time I leave a wedding, I feel as if I’ve just spent the day with friends. This past Sunday, Trisha and I did just that. I’ve known Tricia for a few years now, as we previously worked together for a local hospital’s ambulance department. Having the pleasure of photographing her and her new husband, Joe, was awesome….. and just like the groom on the previous day, Joe is an incredible dancing man. His energy was non-stop.

Our day with Joe and Tricia could not have been nicer. We were granted access to their entire day and were able to get some phenomenal photos for them. Photos that I am so proud to be able to provide.

Here are a few of our favorites from throughout the day. The one of the two of them standing on the little bridge, is posted here for Louie Stoops. Louie is one of my closest friends, who was also at the wedding, and Louie is also one of our second shooters from time to time. Actually, there are going to be a few photos in the final gallery that Louie took when I threw him a camera. I couldn’t let him be there and not get to play.

Trisha and I want to thank Joe and Tricia (man that got confusing during the day) for letting us share their wedding day with them. I’ve known Tricia for a while now, and I’m thrilled that she found somebody as cool as Joe. You could just tell that he is madly in love with her, and that made me so happy.


~ by jb on June 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Joe & Tricia – Eureka Springs, AR”

  1. The pictures you have taken of my cousin are breathtaking. She is a beautiful woman, and you brought out the best in these pictures. Great Job, I would love to see the rest!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Kelly, thanks for stopping by and dropping a note. Tricia is a beautiful woman, and we’re just thrilled she found somebody as great as Joe.

    We’ll have a LOT of photos up within the next two weeks when her full gallery is completed.


  3. Wow Tricia you looked amazingly beautiful as you always are!!! Wow Jake once again I’m stunned and lkg at the pics makes me feel as though I were there…Thanks for sharing these!! Wow!!!! Beautiful!!!

  4. Thanks you guys…’re too kind. It is amazing what these 2 can do with an instant camera!!!!! Just kidding John & Trish. You 2 are amazingly talented, It’s nice to say that the photographers that shot my wedding
    are also my friends. You guys are great!!

  5. WOW Trish and John you are the best……I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. I’m glad you were able to fit us in and do this. Trish always tells me she doesn’t look good in pics. And I always tell her she does. You both have caught Tricia’s beauty in these pics that no words can explain. You both are the best!!! Thanks again!!! All thats left to be said is I”M SO LUCKY !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey you did make are family look very lovely in these photo’s of us. Thank you very much Trish & John!!!!!

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