Barrett & Lindsay – Oklahoma City

Last June Trisha and I spent the day with Michael and Abbey when they were married on June 10th in Tulsa, OK. This past weekend we joined Abbey’s family again as her brother, Barrett, married Lindsay. Lindsay looked so elegant in her wedding gown, and the emotions that Barrett couldn’t hold back as she walked down the aisle were proof of how beautiful she looked. I’m sure those tears had something to do with how much this guy is in love with her.

One of the greatest joys in my life is my family. This wedding was proof that my family is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only did we get to see Lindsay and Barrett, we were also joined by a past bride and groom (Michael and Abbey) as well as a future bride (Alley, June 30, 2007). I’m including a photo of Abbey and Alley at the bottom of the photographs posted here.

We’d also like to congratulate Barrett on his recent accomplishment on earning the title of Doctor and to acknowledge that Lindsay will soon be joining him with that name.

We knew that we loved Barrett’s family due to having worked with them last year, but had no idea how much we’d love Lindsay’s family as well. Her mom, dad and sisters made us feel as if they’d known us for years. We spent a little time after the reception was over with Lindsay’s sister and some of the bridal party as a tavern in Bricktown. It’s always cool to be invited along for some fun when all the work is finished.

Anyway, here are a few of our favorite moments from the day.

Oh, and we want to thank Lindsay’s family for the wonderful accommodations that were provided for us at the Skirvin Hilton. The entire hotel was a wonderful experience and Trisha and I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness.


~ by jb on June 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Barrett & Lindsay – Oklahoma City”

  1. Can’t wait to see the rest! Great pictures.
    Sammie Bules

  2. These are incredible my friend. The thing is, you keep getting better and better with each wedding. Stunning!

  3. I am a 1st cousin of the Groom- and live halfway around the world- so I couldnt make the wedding!! Thank you for a sneak preview- of their special day- now I dont feel quite so left out!!

  4. John and Trisha-
    Thank you guys so much! That weekend was incredible and thanks to you we can remember it forever with the wonderful pictures. We loved getting to know you more and look forward to seeing you all again. You guys are AWESOME!

    Barrett and Lindsay Hall

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