a Thank You to my friends

Ok, I’m finally taking a few minutes away from editing to say thank you to my friends, Brad, Cory Ann and Rick. All three are photographers from different parts of the country who do incredible work. What makes them incredible to me is their thoughtfulness and generosity.

A couple weeks ago Trisha and I shot a wedding in Oklahoma City and on the way out we stopped by the home of Jen and Brad. They were wonderful hosts and took great care to make us comfortable. Plus, Jen made some amazing French toast casserole for breakfast that was so good. Brad and Jen have three beautiful girls who kept us entertained the entire night. You can see Brad’s work here. www.bpimages.com. Thanks for letting us drop by and for the comforts of home.

Here’s Brad taking a photo of me after traveling all day. I hope to never see what his shot looked like, as I’m sure I was not at my best.

And then there’s Rick lamsweddings.com from Ravenna, OH and Cory Ann www.acellisweddings.com from Brookings, SD. Cory Ann was recently spending some time with another friend, Amy www.weloveweddings.com (part of the family we refer to as the Blairs of the great Northwest) around Portland, OR when they came across some little sticky notes that reminded them of our blog.

Rick took it upon himself to cheer me up with a little bit of syrup from his area. He seems to think I’ve been a bit less than my cheery self lately, however he knows I’m just busy trying to finish all these June weddings. So maybe the syrup will keep my brain moving along so I can edit a bit quicker. We’ll see,,,, but I doubt it.

This morning I finally was able to put the syrup to use, and YES, I do like peanut butter on my pancakes.

Thanks guys.  I couldn’t ask for better friends.




~ by jb on June 26, 2007.

One Response to “a Thank You to my friends”

  1. Your most certainly welcome. But yuck pb on pancakes oooo.

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