A bridal session with Allie

I love showing bridal portraits from locations that I’ve never shot before. A few weeks back I met Allie, her mother, her younger sister and her friend Lauren at Woodward Park in Tulsa, OK to shoot some bridal portraits. This was an experience that really is fitting of it’s own gallery to show the pre-shoot work that goes on, sometimes in the strangest of places. Due to an unfortunate incident with the facility where Allie was to change, she ended up changing in the middle of a temporary dressing room comprised of a 6 foot light diffuser panel and a sheet, both strategically placed against a little corner of bricks to provide some privacy for Allie.

As we began to shoot, Brad Emmons, (an incredible photographer and amazing friend from Tulsa) rang my cell phone to let me know he was at the park, watching me work. He joined us and was a great addition, as he was able to help me modify the light to better suit our needs. It’s always great to have somebody who can help hold a reflector.

Allie gave us a lot of creative room and wasn’t too worried about getting a little dust on her gown. That is always appreciated, but we do take a lot of measures to ensure that we keep the wedding dress as pristine as possible while still being able to get the shots our clients deserve.

Later this week I’ll be posting images from Allie’s and Erron’s wedding that Trisha and I photographed this past weekend. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy a few of my favorites from her session.



~ by jb on July 2, 2007.

One Response to “A bridal session with Allie”

  1. Those are beautiful photos! I bet it was fun having Brad along to help out.

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