Ok, so these pictures are HORRIBLE, but cut me some slack here. They’re taken with my cell phone at night. I promise I would have done a bit better if I’d had my equipment with me.

Earlier this evening Trisha says that since two of our kids are spending the night with friends, we should take the other two to the movies. We find out that a sneak peak performance of TRANSFORMERS is playing at one of the local theaters. We couldn’t pass it up. First off, the movie was great. The evening was topped off by a special appearance of two of the TRANSFORMERS in person. I’m hoping these guys will get in touch with me so that I may be able to give them proper credit, but none the less, they were great sports who let me snap a couple of quick pics of them with my kids and wife.

Optimus Prime (don’t know his real name) said his outfit took five hours of labor, but would have been much better if he’d had more time to work on it. Apparently these guys show up to all the great movies dressed as characters. I’m a bit bummed that I missed the chance to see them when Star Wars was in town.

Here are the grainy, dark photos that I have. There is a chance that a buddy of theirs will be sending me some better pictures to update this post with. Personally, I hope he does.

Maybe we’ll be able to keep track of these two, who are trying to bring a little more fun and excitement to our small town.



Thanks to Reid Adkins for sending these photos. These photographs do so much more to show off the work these two guys put into their trip to the movie.


~ by jb on July 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “TRANSFORMERS, ROLL OUT!!!”

  1. haha, yah we usually do stuff like this as we both are movie buffs. by the way, your pictures are nice. quite the photoshop buff huh? ;]

    – ryan

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I do use Photoshop to process the photographs, but these days there is painfully little done in PS actually. Lots of practice getting it right in camera and the initial RAW conversion has let me get away from too much post processing with PS.

    Looking forward to catching you guys at the next big movie.


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