Brad & Brooke – Little Rock, AR

A few months ago I met Brooke and Brad to do their engagement session. The story these two share really touched me and drew me closer to them. They’ve known one another for most of their lives and this past Saturday, July 07, 2007, they were married in Little Rock, AR at the Albert Pike Hotel. The architecture in this old building left me wanting to wander around and look at all the little details that were so carefully crafted when it was built.

I had started the day off with Brooke and her bridesmaids at the Peabody Hotel where they were having their hair and makeup done. I love this part of the day, as it allows me to get to know some of the wedding party a bit more. Brooke’s girls were so much fun and they all kept me laughing the entire time. I also was able to get a peek at the gifts that Brooke had gotten for Brad and her dad, John. Some seriously cool cuff links that contained some truly meaningful photographs.

The ceremony was as beautiful as I’d expected and the reception was nothing less than elegant. We had a few minutes to get away with just myself, the couple and Brad’s sister.  The picture we took in the parking garage turned out to be one of my favorites.

Many thanks to Brooke, Brad and their family’s for allowing me to share the day with you.


~ by jb on July 11, 2007.

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