we took a little vacation

Last week, to celebrate our 16th anniversary, Trisha and I took our four kids to Murfeesboro, AR for two nights of camping at Crater of Diamonds State Park. During our stay there we learned a few important things.

1. When borrowing your friend’s tent, know for a fact that the rain fly will not be included and you will have a thunderstorm blow in.

2. Mosquitoes in that part of the state are HUGE and apparently very angry.

3. By putting too much lighter fluid onto the charcoal, you can and will set your grill on fire as well.

4. Digging for diamonds is hard, dirty work.

5. Raccoons will eat your fruit if you leave it out over night.

6. The same raccoon will also attempt to drag away your Camelbak hydration pack if you leave some snack crackers in it.

7. Your three year old will have to go to the bathroom no less than 30 times a day since you now have to walk to the park’s facilities.

8. The park’s swimming pool is a great place to be while others spend their time looking for diamonds.

9. That the chance to take a break from work and spend some time with family is an awesome thing. No phone. No computer. No television. It was wonderful.

10. Sharing campfire coffee with your wife is pretty cool.

Here are a few shots from our vacation. We really didn’t take that many pictures. Trisha and I spend enough time behind the camera, that we wanted to put it down as well and pick up our kids.

Thank you to all those who have wished us a happy anniversary. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.



~ by jb on July 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “we took a little vacation”

  1. Damn JB…at least I know what to get you for your B-day!


  2. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time on your trip! Great pictures of you, Trisha and the kids! Hope Ian found that big diamond he wanted!!!!!!!!!

  3. i have a live trap you could have taken with you and those coons would not have been a problem! looks loke ya’ll had a great time, not my idea of a great time, but i’m glad you uns did. happy anniversary. love ya’ll tamhra

  4. Sorry about the tent, does Trisha still want to tar and feather me?

    jc (the real owner of “that tent”.

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