Will & Audra ~ Paragould, AR

A few weeks ago I finally was able to meet Audra in person when we photographed her and her bulldog, Ruby, for her bridal session. Audra, her mother and Ruby spent a couple of hours with us, running around in the hot Summer sun while we shot her bridal portraits. Luckily the photos didn’t portray how hot it actually was. Here’s a shot of Ruby getting some attention.

This past Saturday I spent the day with Audra, Will and their group of friends and family in Paragould, AR for the wedding. Once again, it was hot, but I don’t believe it was as hot as the day we shot her bridal portraits. Either way, I had a blast. Audra’s bridesmaids and Will’s groomsmen all treated me as if I’d been a member of their group for a long time. I felt as if I had complete access to their lives, which allowed me to get some really beautiful photographs of some a lot of private moments.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day. I know that Audra and Will are still gone on their honeymoon, but the maid of honor, Jessica, requested that I let her know when the photos are posted on the blog… so…

Jessica,,, here they are.

Thanks for letting me spend the day with you guys and Trisha and I both wish you two a lifetime of happiness.



(Trisha informed me that the title says “Will & Audra”, then you see a girl and a dog.  …. which makes it appear that the dog is Will.  So, I moved a photo to the top to let there be no confusion about who Will actually is.  Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get through life without her.)

~ by jb on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Will & Audra ~ Paragould, AR”

  1. Hi John! Just wanted to say that these pics are great! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. You did a beautiful job and we had a blast. (I am one of the bridesmaids) Thanks!

  2. John Blair! The pics are amazing! Will and I couldnt wait until we got home to check the website….so here we are in Puerto Vallarta paying $8 per hour to get on the internet! Thank you so much for capturing our day! The ones I can see are absolutely perfect! I cant wait for the rest!

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