Dalton, Senior 2008

Yesterday afternoon we met Dalton at one of our favorite local spots to start his photo session and quickly moved to a few other locations to really get some cool stuff. Dalton comes from a family of bike riders and he wanted to incorporate his bike into the photos. I can’t wait for him and his family to see the finished gallery.

Dalton has this intense and serious stare that really came across in his photos. The longer we shot, we learned that behind this serious stare is an insane sense of humor. He had me laughing so hard for the last half of our shoot and we ended up with some of the funniest “blooper” shots of all time.

Here’s a few of our favorite shots so far.

Dalton from Mtn. Home,,,



~ by jb on September 2, 2007.

One Response to “Dalton, Senior 2008”

  1. Hey buddy ! WOW ! You are “the man”, Dalton looks great ! I am soooo happy everything went (apparently) well yesterday. Thanks to you, Trish and Dalton his Senior picture experience was wonderful.

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