Luke & Stephanie – Russellville, AR

Ok, earlier this week I posted a few photos of Stephanie’s bridal portraits and a few of Luke and Stephanie from their engagement session. Today, I’ve quickly gone through their gallery and pulled out a few from their wedding day.

We started out coverage at Savanah’s Riverfront Cafe on Friday night to cover the rehearsal dinner and rejoined the group on Saturday afternoon at the First United Methodist Church. Stephanie showed up, like so many brides do, on her cell phone,,, still taking care of all the details of the day. Her attention to those details, (along with having a great florist) really paid off.

Luke’s group of guys were some of the funniest guys I’ve photographed in a while,,, and it was very apparent why this group of guys had stayed friends over the years. I don’t believe there was a single moment of silence among them. Somebody was constantly talking or laughing.

Anyway, Trisha and I had a great time with Luke, Stephanie and their group of friends and family. At the reception we were treated like we’d been long time friends. OH,,,, and Stephanie had apparently put in a LOT of work with her caramel apples that were set out for the guests as they entered the reception area. I have no idea how long she had worked on these things, but the table was amazing. It was covered in tons of these apples, all shining in the spotlight with their individual wrappers and surrounded by pumpkins.  The best part of this table, however, was while photographing it, I caught a younger guy grabbing one of them.  The look on his face was priceless.  He looked as if he’d been caught stealing something.  By the way, a big thanks to Joe, the florist for allowing me to bounce my flash off his shirt to get a bit more spread from my flash.

So, here are a few of my quick picks from their photographs.


~ by jb on October 25, 2007.

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