Ian at the studio

Ian was here at the studio earlier this week and he asked if we could take some photos of him in his new clothes. Of course I was ready to get out the camera and go to work. What I did not expect was how he was going to approach his session. I guess he’s watched as I edit my senior photo sessions a bit too much. Once I turned on the studio lights and pulled out a backdrop, he went into model mode. I gave him little, if any, direction. He just kept trying different poses and facial expressions. It was so fun to watch as he went through all the poses he thought would look good.

So, here are five photos from Ian’s session.

jb (dad)



~ by jb on November 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Ian at the studio”

  1. Hi,my darling Grandson! What a handsome Grandson you are too!! Jake these photos are wonderful! He certainly knows how to pose he for a picture doesn’t he !!! He is really cool,just like his Daddy. You both did a great job.
    We love you, Pahta & Grandma Jodie

  2. John-

    Awesome as usual! Nice to finally see the studio…sort-of..(j/k)


  3. What a handsome young man you have! He must have got his good looks from… Trisha! hahahah Just teasing, there’s a little handsomeness from you in there I suppose! 🙂 Love you guys!

  4. i would just save these and have them on hand for sr pics just in case you are doing something else by them. who will know the difference.LOL!! sure would save some big bucks!!!! I think he takes after me…..kinda…maybe…..not….

  5. Omigosh. I’m in tears. He is the spitting image of you. Isn’t it awesome how God plays with our genes and the end result is sometimes all daddy, sometimes all mommy and sometimes a perfect mix of both. I love it!

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