Checking in after the storm.

Yesterday, around 5:30 pm a severe thunderstorm spawned a tornado just a few miles from our house, and in the immediate area of some of our seniors from this year. Trisha and I wanted to let all of our clients who live in the Cotter, Gassville and Flippin areas know that we’re here if you need anything. With all the damage that was sustained, getting in touch by phone is nearly impossible in some cases, so we’re putting it here.

I’ve spoken to the grandmother of one of the students this morning, so I know he’s apparently fine, but we’ve not heard anything in regards to the others.

I spent several years working as a paramedic. I thought when I left that job I’d leave behind the emotional connection to my job, but I was wrong. Hearing, and seeing first hand, what has happened to the area where these students live really has hit me. I guess that’s ok.

Anyway, we’re hoping all of you guys are ok. Please let us know if there’s something we can do for you.

Here are some of our seniors who were possibly impacted by the tornado.

Chelsea and Tony from Gassville/Cotter,

Kyle and Kristin from Flippin,

There was another storm track that went south and east of our area and possibly hit the area that Chelsy, another of our seniors, lives.  We’ve not received much information about the area of Ash Flat and Hardy, but we’re hoping for the best for her as well.

Chelsy from Hardy (Highland High School)



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5 Responses to “Checking in after the storm.”

  1. I am glad yoy posted this here, I came to your site to make sure you guys are ok after I heard if affected Mt Home. So glad yall are ok! My prayers go out to everyone you way and everyone affected by this disaster

  2. Maury, Thanks for checking in on us. I’ve been truly touched today by the emails and calls we’ve received today from both my photographer friends and our clients.

    Also, as a note. I just got off the phone with Chelsy’s mom, from Hardy. I was happy to find out that they are all safe and sustained no direct damage.


  3. jake, im so thankful you and your family are ok. you guys have a heart as big as dallas. i know everyone appreciates you guys setting up a network of care and response. im so sorry i didnt call the night of the storms, but i was thinking about you guys. let me know if there is ANYTHING we can do for anyone over there. i love you all, tamhra

  4. Hey, I’m coming with Kelly today after school for her senior pics 🙂
    By the way, I love the updated b2 portraits site.
    Very nice 🙂
    See you after school!

  5. hey guys.
    hope your easter was good :]
    when are you gonna put kel’s on here?

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