HBD Erin!

It amazes me, each time it happens, that another year has passed. Now, eleven years have passed. Saturday we cleaned out the studio, moved the lights into the dressing room, invited a bunch of girls and Erin had a birthday party. I don’t know how they managed to dance for so long, but they never stopped. It seemed as if they would never run down… and they didn’t.

So, for our family who couldn’t be here, we’re posting a few of the photos from the party. The studio is all put back together, the chips are vacuumed up, the plastic cups have been gotten rid of, the tables put back, the pizza boxes are gone, all the girls have gone home and now all I’m left with is the realization that Erin is a little older. I thought her childhood would last forever, but it’s quickly passing. While I’m thrilled that I get the chance to share these moments with my kids, it kills me to know that years from now I’ll have only memories and photos to look back on and recall what has passed. Hopefully she’ll look back at the pictures and remember these events as fondly as her mother and I do.

Now,,, some pictures.


just a dad


~ by jb on May 5, 2008.

One Response to “HBD Erin!”

  1. uh, sorry i just found your pictures. you know how a 69 year old man operates a computer. they are beautiful. i love my grandchildren, they are the greatest. love, dad

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