My style

Wedding photography is more than my job. It's about more than a few photographs to look at years from now. Wedding photography, to me, is about relationships. The relationship between the couple. The relationship between the subject and me. I truly want clients who understand and value the importance of photography and the role it will play in the memories of their wedding day.

I love to interact with my clients but I also want to be able to be unseen. To stand three feet away and not be noticed. This takes a special relationship between the subject and the photographer. A relationship based on a true understanding that the photographer will get the job done correctly, in a discreet manner.

At the end of the day, I want you to feel as if I have been more than a photographer at your wedding, but truly part of the day… maybe even part of the family. I work hard to foster a level of comfort for all those involved so that I may get the shots that tell the honest story of each wedding I photograph.

I work in a very casual manner and I love to play. Often I will ask the couple to allow me 10 to 15 minutes of time with just the two of them, away from everybody else, to photograph them in a very fun and relaxed enviroment. Portraits that will really show the bond between the two.

I'm not the photographer for every couple I speak with. I even ask my potential clients to speak with other photographers to ensure the choice they make is the right one. Wedding photos are important enough to me that I want each and every couple getting married to have the best experience possible. If that means somebody other than me will photograph their wedding…. well, I can live with that. The couples I work with are incredible. We have an amazing time and without fail they end up with more than they had ever expected.

Here's a few comments from some past clients.

"John – First, I want to thank you. Your coverage of our wedding was so much more than we could have asked for. We checked out the sample gallery and I actually got tears in my eyes because the pictures were the most important thing to me, since they are the closest thing I'll ever have to reliving that day, and they were more than perfect!"
Brandi S., Springfield, MO

"All of the pictures are perfect, you and Louie captured the emotion of the wedding, I don't think I could thank you enough. I will have trouble picking the pictures I want."
Tiffany S., Las Vegas, NV

"I’ve looked at the pictures and they’re wonderful! Thank you so much. You did an incredible job, and everyone who has seen the pictures has commented on how great they look."
Liz C., Collierville, TN

I am writing this as tears are streaming down my face!!! You are a true artist!!!! Thank you.
Judi C., Osage Beach, MO

Thanks so much again…pictures are one of the most important things of the entire process to me and you made the pictures and the picture taking so wonderful!
Jeni W. North Little Rock, ARThese are the reasons I love what I do. My schedule takes me all over the United States to work with great people. What more could I ask for?


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