Patrick & Jill, e-session

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Patrick is in love. … or at least he appears to be. The guy never stopped smiling the entire time we were photographing him and Jill.

I met Jill last year at her brother’s wedding that I photographed in Little Rock. Now, I get the opportunity to hang out with her family again, and I can’t wait. I recently met Jill and her mother in Little Rock to do Jill’s bridal session, but that will have to wait for now. Currently, we’re focusing on their engagement photos. Here are four of my quick picks from their session.


engagement photo by Blair Photography

Patrick and Jill e-session

engagement photo on Lake Norfork

Jill and Patrick


Dean, Sr. 2008

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Dean walks into the studio and immediately seemed as if he had been a long time acquaintance. Normally I’ve got a bit of work to do to get the subject relaxed and willing to play, but with Dean that wasn’t needed. This guy was the one who was making me laugh throughout the entire shoot. Here are a few of my personal favorites from his session.

Dean from Mtn. Home…

Dean's senior photo session.  Mountain Home, AR.

Mountain Home Bombers Football

Moutain Home, AR Bombers Senior 2008

Dean's senior photo session.  Mountain Home, AR.

14′ 11″ and 1st place

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Yes, I’m bragging. Pure and simple. Nothing more than bragging, but that’s ok this time. Conner had his first track meet this evening, so for anybody who called the studio after 2 pm, I was off being a dad.

Here’s where the bragging comes in. In his first event, the long jump, Conner placed first with a jump of 14 feet, 11 inches. His 4×100 relay team also came in first and he placed third over all in the 100 meter dash. More important than how he performed was how much he enjoyed himself. So, to finish the bragging I’m posting five shots from his jump. These honestly are here so our family in Oklahoma can see him since they were not able to be here….. and partly because I’m proud of him and wanted to brag.


Conner long jump photo 1.

Conner long jump photo 2.

Conner long jump photo 3.

Conner long jump photo 4.

Conner long jump photo 5.

Luke & Brandi, e-session

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When I spoke to Brandi on the phone about their engagement photos, she told me that Luke didn’t really like having his picture taken very much, so I was kind of afraid that it was going to be a real job to get him to open up. I was wrong. From the second they walked into the studio, you could tell that both of them were incredibly in love and it was almost as if he forgot I was around.

Trisha and I truly enjoyed our afternoon with Brandi and Luke and cannot wait until we get to photograph their wedding. Here are a few picks from their engagement session. If you can’t tell, Luke really enjoyed the parts of the shoot that allowed him to kiss Brandi.


A bridal session with Lindsey

•April 2, 2008 • 2 Comments

Now that their wedding has come and gone, I can post a few of her bridal portraits. I met Lindsey and her mother at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable in Fayetteville on yet another cold day. Seems that so many of the bridal sessions we’ve done this year have been during cold weather. Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


Jeremiah & Lindsey – Hot Springs

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One of the funniest thing I’ve found out about Lindsey is her dislike of mice. She and I had an entire conversation about mice, and the possibility of a mouse running around in her house, while chatting on I don’t think she found it to be quite as funny as I did though.

So I spent the night before their wedding in Little Rock at a hotel, and to be honest, I got very little sleep due to the incredible storm that passed through. The lightning was crazy and kind of scary. The following day, however, was beautiful. I arrived at Garvan Gardens the morning of the wedding and it was still rainy, but the weather quickly cleared and we were left with a gorgeous day. Anthony Chapel is similar to three other chapels I’ve shot in numerous times and just as I’d expected, it was set in a very scenic spot. Surrounded by trees, the rock pathway leading to the chapel’s doors, while new, gives you the feeling that you’ve traveled back in time. Or, it could be that I’m a dork. Either way, Jeremiah and Lindsey picked the perfect spot and were blessed with the perfect day for their wedding.

There is truly so much I could write about this wedding, but I’ll not attempt to put into words what I think I can convey in photos.  I will explain one of the photos I’ve included though.  The groom’s cake… Jeremiah is a professional bass fisherman.  I’ve seen all kinds of cool groom’s cakes, but this was the first time I’ve seen one like this.

Thank you to all involved for making me feel so welcomed and Trisha and I both wish you guys the best for your future.


Emily – Senior 2008

•April 1, 2008 • 3 Comments

Last week, during Spring Break, we photographed Emily, from Yellville / Summit. I worked with Emily’s mom a few years back when I was a paramedic and her mom worked in the local emergency room.

During our session we learned that Emily is joining the US Navy and will be leaving for her basic training shortly after she graduates this year. She and her mom brought along an American flag to be photographed in front of, and when she stood in front of it, you could see the pride come pouring out. So, good luck Emily and stay safe.

Here are five quick picks from our session.

Emily from Yellville/Summit…