from the zoo,,, Joe Boxer

Last October after shooting a wedding in Fort Smith I went to visit my parents in Oklahoma. While there I found a beautiful, young male boxer that had been abandoned. He needed a home so he came home with me. We decided to name him Joe and he has become a wonderful part of our family. Joe was terribly skinny with each of his ribs showing as well as his spine. He was sick with a horrible infestation of worms and he was beyond hungry. After a trip to our vet and numerous feedings he started looking better. Now, he’s part of the family. Playful and friendly.

You never know where happiness will come from. This time, happiness came from a pitiful, sickly dog that needed a home.
Joe Boxer




~ by jb on January 26, 2006.

One Response to “from the zoo,,, Joe Boxer”

  1. thank you for adopting this beautiful boy. we adopted a boxer three years ago – he is the light of our lives.

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